Content and Content Authoring Issue

  • Hi there,

    I recently published "Werthles' Headless Module" on Steam and I cannot prove I am the author to make changes to it.

    But more importantly, the files contained within the download from playwithsix are all from "Werthles Headless Kit", and these are completely different. Please could the right files be added to my mod, and the info on the description be updated so that it includes the How To Use info, which I have since added. I would like to be identified as the author, but if the data is automatically updated, I don't mind not being.

    Many thanks,


  • withSIX


    it appears that a Steam link was set as homepage, thus you were not able to claim your mod. I have updated the link to the BI forum link so you can claim your mod.

    I will update your mod for you, once you claimed it you can however update it directly on the page your self along with all meta data.

    Sorry for the mistake and the inconvenience.

    best regards


  • Thanks, everything's fix now!


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