Issues with game detection

  • I have been wanting to download invasion 1944 for arma 2, but their have been issues when using withsix. i went to see why i couldnt find the mod, and it was because withsix stated that Arma2 Combined Operations wasnt detected. i have the Arma X Anniversary Edition on steam. i dont know what to do, and what to move aroumd. i have uninstalled playwithsix, and even the arma game w? expansions to see if it can be detected, but still nothing. What do i do?

  • withSIX


    go to the games section, select the CO game, click on Settings, then configure both the ARMA 2 OA and the Original paths, and point them to your ARMA 2 Anniversary edition  / CO game folder,
    that should sort it out.

    Hope this helps!

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