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  • Hello, I am having an issue with my mod, where PW6 seems to consider an older RC version the "latest" because of its higher version number. This is not how my version numbering scheme works. The RC versions were release candidates for version 1.0 stable. The latest version is of course the one that was uploaded latest. I can see why this is happening, but is there any way to get around it? Maybe archive or delete the RC versions?

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    generally withSIX considers stable versions to be the highest default. But you can always manually overwrite by selecting an alpha or beta for a mod. RC is also a non stable version so if the author releases this in a higher version as the stable, it is not automatically updated.

    The reason for why we don´t automatically update to beta versions when stable versions are available is that users often complained that the alpha and beta releases are not fully working. So We now reserve them for users who want to try them out by selecting them manually.

    Very much like Steam does with game patches.

    We can however add an option in the settings that will change the version management to allow users to always get the latest, no matter if it is RC, alpha, beta or stable... :)

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    Hi, users would automatically get the latest stable version (, and not the RC's.
    Its just cosmetic in PwS that it shows that there is a 'newer' RC (3.x) version available if they want to manually select it.

    We'll remove the RC versions, for the future to prevent the cosmetic issue I'd recommend to adjust versioning where the latest stable release will have the same or higher version number than the latest pre-release (RC/Beta/Alpha).

    Nice mod btw!

  • Thanks a lot, I'll be sure to do that in the future :)

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