Problem occurred during updating..

  • Error info : One more errors wihle processing SixSync mods.. after restart my windows 10 this problem now no update mods i don't know whay??

  • withSIX

    @Milorad-Ilić hi, you could try deleting the .synq folder, from My Documents\Arma 3, or the Arma 3 installation folder.

    PS: Is there a Custom repository involved?

  • Hi,I tried this you told me..This sync folder is located on the second hard disc where are my mods installed. And when i restart windows 10 i installed playwitsix,then i am the folder where my modes added in playwitsix, but a problem occurred during update remotes error info: The host was exhausted.. i deleted sync folder form my documents Arma 3 and form Mods folder ,but it does not help.. now i use Arma 3 launcher for mods. But I want playwitsx because it is easier to update mods and real collection please help me

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