Collection sync broken

  • Hi guys,

    It seems that the collection synchronisation is broken. Everytime anyone of my group tries publishing a mod or tries synchronising to a collection they are welcomed with an error message (nothing special as that happens 80% of the time using PW6) saying "signalR was not autheticated" which leads me to believe the collections are unreachable for the PW6 client as the sync/sync beta seems to synchronise just fine. I don't want to switch to the sync because I don't like how it works.

    If there is indeed something broken in the collection synchronisation I hope the devs find out soon what is causing it, because PW6 is the only application that actively keeps you up-to-date on addon updates!


  • withSIX

    @The_Nightstalk3r hi, we resolved some issues last night, did the problem get sorted for you guys too?
    ps we will soon provide a worthy migration plan for Sync, we decided to cut down on 99% of the PwS errors ;-)

  • Hi,

    The issue is still there and collections are not synchronised to the play withSix client. Error remains SignalIR was not authenticated.

  • withSIX

    @The_Nightstalk3r said in Collection sync broken:

    was not authenticate

    hang in there, a fix is on the way..

  • withSIX

    The issue should be resolved in the meantime.

    We've experienced some unforeseen issues here and there concerning our upgrade to new Framework and Cloud service.

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