Problem with Mod Collection from random Server

  • Hy ther,

    first i will say sorry for my bad english skills, im from Germany.

    Today  i  install the Launcher and want to connect on a Server with differnt kind of Mods.
    I select Server Browser and looking of a Server with Mods and press right mouse buttom, klick on Add Collection.
    Now i select Mods and choise the Collection from the Server.
    The issue is now, i don't see any kind of Mods ... the List is empty.

    Can someone tell me how to Fix this or a tell me a way to get all the mods from the server in realtion to connect on the server and play the game with many mods ? (without getting all Mods by self)

    [url=]Sincere[/url] [url=]regards,[/url] Str1k3r2k4

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