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    For a long time we are working on the idea of creating a new server browser for Sync that allows you to join any server and always have the proper mods launched.

    After months of conceptualizing and investigating, we feel confident to have the right recipe now.

    The Problem:

    Analyzing thousands of servers for ArmA3 and other games, we noticed that most of them are running some sort of custom software. Often these mods are either hosted on custom repositories or on various distribution sites.

    In addition, for a server browser to fully support user generated content for servers, one has to detect it first.

    The Solution:

    With the completion of our content aggregation support for our new withSIX platform, we are now able to reliably detect servers with custom content.

    Even if a server host, does not host his server via our webpage, though we clearly would prefer that, we are able to detect the mods and compare them with our own content network, aswell as with Steam Workshop.

    This way, we can provide the required mods directly to the user. With the Sync client we can check if the mod is already installed. If needed we can download and install the mod before launching the game.

    The Interface:

    By providing a web based browser, we are lowering the bar for searching and joining servers considerably. Not only can you look and find any server without the need of a client software, you can also share the server link directly via a URL, social networks or create a custom banner.

    This way clans and communities can much easier share their servers and allow their members to join with just a few clicks.

    The new design aims to provide a clean and focused interface that provides all essential information. A very powerful filter lets you find the right server, right away.

    In the near future we will even highlight servers with your friends, using the SteamID function.

    Creating servers withSIX:

    The core of this browser is however the ability to host your own server withSIX. Doing so will give you unique abilities to customize your server to your liking.

    • Full LINUX and MAC support
    • Connect any collection to your server
    • Full Version control for all withSIX hosted content
    • Select optional and required mods
    • Customize your Server page with Banners and more
    • Connect custom repositories or third party content hosts
    • Community servers for members only
    • Private community content

    and much more

    Let us know what you want from the new server browser and share your feedback with us.

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