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    i have the same with 3 spweit mods the the dum emaill think its sarting to piss me as the amre luncher is giveing me the sh
    3 as well some help wood be nics

  • withSIX


    Thank you for your report, let me help.

    1. Regarding the Email, as far as I understand, you don't find the email that confirms your account? It might be in some spam folder. If you give me the email that should be connected to the account, I can verify it for you.

    2. To help you with the mods I first need to know what are the mods you try to update and what client you are using to do so (PwS or the new Sync)?

    Are those the only mods that have this issue or do you generally have issues with updating mods?

    You can also attach your Logs, this will help us to see what the program is doing.

    For PwS you find the logs in Menu/Settings/Diagnostics save logs
    for Sync right click on the S symbol in the Task manager select Issue tracker then save logs.

    Best regards


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