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    Welcome to Host withSIX

    Host with SIX is currently only available for a lucky few, if you want to sign up for the closed beta program, you can apply here.

    Once selected, you will receive an email and an overlay and the new interface will be available to you.

    For more on how to use the new hosting service, watch this video:

    Host withSIX tutorial
    Host withSIX tutorial

    How many Servers are available?

    We have up to 4 Servers available for testing, you can see the currently available amount of server in the control panel.

    How long can I test?

    You can start and use the servers for as long as you have credits. Depending on the Server you choose, this can differ quite a bit.

    How do I get more credits?

    Until we have the payment gateway fully setup, credits are being manually added to your account. If you want more credits to test, contact us on Discord or via PM on this forum.

    For any further questions, leave a post here.


    your withSIX Team

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