Blastcore Phoenix

  • PWS admins, you did a very bad thing.
    There is a Blastcore Phoenix mod, it was here
    But now you redistribute Blastcore Edited on the same page. You didn't change anything - name of the mod, description, etc. Only a link.
    Please, put back original Blastcore Phoenix mod from Opticalsnare and check description on Steam Workshop link of Blastcore Edited about terms of distribution. Blastcore Edited is not a new version of Blastcore Phoenix, it is a separate mod.
    Thank you.

  • withSIX

    jeiks, sorry for the misunderstanding, will fix asap

  • Sorry if I was rude. You may repost Blastcore Edited as separate mod on PWS. Just want to say that it is not good to force people to use Blastcore Edited if they used Blastcore (and call Blastcore Edited as Blastcore Phoenix, that are different mods). That gives wrong opinion about Opticalsnare work. Players may not like changes made in Blastcore Edited. Thank you for understanding.

  • withSIX

    no worries, this was a mistake, it looked like this was the same mod but updated. You do have version control so we don't force anyone to update but you are right, will submit this as a separate mod and revert this one back to the original form

  • I see that you changed version but in External links "Homepage" and "Mod homepage" still directs to Blastcore Edited.

  • withSIX


    will update the external link too, at least the files are already fixed. :)

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