the principal functionality is absent

  • Why can't we see servers mods activated to launch game with it directly ??

    It is one of the most important functionality of PWS, and it is out there !

    PWS was the only one to do this, and it is for this reason i used PWS !

    Now i don't know if i have to keep it !

  • withSIX

    We would love to be able to provide this, however after Gamespy dropped and BI started using the steam server Protocol, the command line for the server name lacked length to show all necessary mods.

    Without the necessary information, we are unable to link the correct mods to the server.

    However, we are currently in the last steps of providing the possibility to create web based collections and link servers to them. This way we will also in the future be able to allow users to join servers with the proper mods, provided the server admins or collection authors have linked the required mods.

    For now we still show servers that host certain mods, like DayZ, but we can not guarantee that all mods of the server are shown, due to the limitation of the characters.

  • Yes i know  that steam server protocol replaced Gamespy !

    And in game browser, we can see mods !
    There's no way to do the same with PWS ?!?

  • I found this topic, and the author says that only ping makes troubles ! But in your PWS, your ping is right, then, you miss only the servers protocol!


  • Hi Chal00, from what i understand is that there is a limitation in the command line that is executed to query the servers. I have no clue if that is the case here, but when a server is heavily modded, maybe they run into that. Also it differs per Windows OS. Any insight is found here: [size=2] Maybe a developer can explain more. As said, they are working on a workaround.

  • withSIX

    @chal00 hi the main problem is that the information steam gives us very limited compared to Gamespy previously.
    Perhaps we could use their custom query protocol that is used by the game to determine the mods.. but otherwise we recommend server owners to setup a shared collection on our platform instead.

  • [quote=]@chal00 hi the main problem is that the information steam gives us very limited compared to Gamespy previously.
    Perhaps we could use their custom query protocol that is used by the game to determine the mods.. [/quote]It should be better than nothing !
    I don't use PWS anymore to launch game because of that :( 
    If i could see mods, i could activate them manually !
    i won't shearch on net, or in PWS what mod are enabled for each server !
    I often choose a server for the number of player, the mission, etc...  If i can see the mods i launch may game only one time !
    For now, it is impossible to join the servers, and then to know the mods.... or i have to launch my game 10 times to join only one server in list !!!

    Try to join a random modded server with PWS, and you will understand what i mean !

  • Up !!

    [quote=Sickboy]Perhaps we could use their custom query protocol that is used by the game to determine the mods.. [/quote]Yes !! And why don't you do it ??

    What can we do with a server browser, if it doesn't show enabled mods on the server ??

    You want  server owners setup a shared collection !! Ok.

    And if they don't do it ??

    For the moment, the only way to join a modded server, is to laucnh the game first time > shearch for a server > back to desktop to enable the goods mods > and re-launch game to try to join ONE server !
    And you have to do this each time you try to join a server!

    AND TO DO THIS, I DON'T NEED PWS ! It is faster to use other launcher !!

    During Gamespy, only Six updater and PWS allowed us to join modded servers from the first game launch, and that was your strong point.

    If you don't understand that, you understood nothing !

    Can we have a mod list for each server, even if we have to enable them manually !

    I found this if it can help you :

    "[table][tr][td][i]SetKeyValue[/i][/td][td]char, char[/td][td]127 chars per pairmax 1300 for all pairs
    [/td][td]sets key/value pair for the session.All pairs can't take more than 1300 characters (about 11 pairs max).
    [/td][td]used for storing:[list][]GLoadedContentHash (1 pair), [/][]modHashes (2 pairs), [/][][b][u]modNames (2 pairs), [/u][/b][/][]sigNames (2 pairs), [/][]param1 (1 pair), [/][]param2 (1 pair), [/][]timeLeft (1 pair), [/][]country (1 pair).[/][/list][/td][/tr][/table]"

  • withSIX

    @chal00 Trust me when I say we TOTALLY understand how important a functioning server browser is for our software and how it helped us become such an important tool for many back in the Gamespy days.
    I'm only responsible for design so don't have fully code knowledge on the project but BI hasn't made us easy so far, they are working on their own launcher and other products that seem to have the capabilities we've lost in one way or another over the years due to changes to the game and its distribution ways. We've always took high regards in finding new ways to regain these features and continue to do so with the server browser, sadly for now we're highly reliable on the community we've always worked for to help us create a new system together. We still might find a better way but this is so far the only other option we currently have to investigate for a 100% reliable server browser with proper mod lists. The positive side is with such a product we can introduce way more interesting features for server owners and gaming communities alike.

    Sorry for all the inconvenience in the mean time, trust us when we say we're still looking in finding a new way to bring back the server browser but we're still investigating and need more time.

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