Will withSix detect just Arma2.exe? Does it have to be Arma Combined?

  • I have my steam path in the locations under settings. I can use Arma 3 just fine with this program but I am unable to get it to detect Arma2. They are both located in the same steam folder individually.

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    There is an extra place to put arma 2 folder that arma 3 does not have. When I use that slot to add arma2 it does not save. Every time I open settings and select arma2 that last box is empty no matter how many times I fill it in.

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    Make sure that arma2oa.exe is in the selected folder, than it would work just fine. You are using Sync or PwS ?

  • I am not sure what you mean by Sync or Pws. I went to withSix.com and downloaded the offered software on the download page. My arma 2 exe is not arma2oa.exe it is just arma2.exe. I hope that answers you well enough. Thanks for the reply
    Went poking around and found a short cut called sync. So that must be it

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    @Comp said in Will withSix detect just Arma2.exe? Does it have to be Arma Combined?:


    Thanks for the reply. Try to rename the arma2.exe to Arma2OA.exe and see if it works then. I will check with the devs why the Arma2.exe is not detected. I guess almost all users have ArmA2OA :D

  • That worked!
    Thanks my friend

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    @Comp ^

    Sure thing, always, just keep in mind that we do host mods that might require Operation arrowhead. So if a mod might not work it could be because you miss the dependency.

    Best regards


  • will dependencies be listed in the info or readme of the description page?

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    We automatically install all required mod dependencies for you however you will have to check the description of the mod if it requires OA.

    Generally BI develops in away that you should be able to use mods even if you don't have OA, well except if a certain map is required.

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