A2:OA ASR AI mod comes with map debug on by default?! O.o

  • Hi guys,

    Is there anything that could be done to the default setup of ASR AI mod configuration in the distributing end? It is now coming by default having the debug features on (enemy position and movement visible on the map).

    It is not easy to force all players in the group to download and deply custom .cfg files.

    I think this is rather weird to have debug on by default. I don't think this is the case if you download the same pack from Armaholic or so...

    Thanks anyway!

  • withSIX

    If I understand you correctly, you want some cfg file to not be distributed ?

    we can update files and add/ remove them. However the system does not provide any advanced installation options for ArmA3.

  • withSIX

    hi @specialsmith ,

    To make sure we're talking about the correct mod.

    Is it this version for A2:OA (per your title:) https://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/_AhzoB2D4BGjrwAVF72WTA/ASR-AI-Skills

    Or this version for A3: https://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/RPEHYBCa4xGoewAVF72WTA/ASR-AI3

    Can you share the name of the config file in question and maybe even the line that enables debug by default and how it should be instead?

    One thing our clients check is if there is an edited userconfig file, if so, we don't update them to avoid loss of your changes. This can mean that it's a setting enabled by yourself at some point.

    We normally don't alter the data, as we're not the authors, but are more than willing to investigate if there is a difference in our version compared to elsewhere and if it makes sense to change the 'default' version

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