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  • Recently I decided to download PlayWithSix for a mod manager, seeing as it tells me when or if I need to update my mods, but the problem is, when I download a mod, it goes to my C drive, when it shouldn't. I have placed the mod directory and cache to the D:Drive, steam, ARMA 3, ect, it tells me it goes to the D drive, but when I download mods, it still goes to the C drive. It's rather annoying, and I can't figure out how to get around this problem. Unless I am missing something completely, I'm not sure. I can't have all these big mods in my C drive, that's what I have the D drive for.

  • I have the same "problem". I have set ArmA and the game settings to D: and when it updates or installs, it goes to the C: drive. Donno how to change that behaviour permanent.

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    Will forward this issue to one of our developers, they will come back to you with a solution tomorrow. Thanks for informing us.

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  • It has resolved with me after restarting the PC and application. No intention there, but when explaining/introducing PW6 to a mate, it struck me that the c:\ referral was gone and only E: (in my case) was there. Installing a  new mod, places that mod to the e: drive. Problem solved on my end.

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    @fschuurman that's great news!

  • I did try restarting the application and my computer itself, but I still had the same issue. So unfortunately, that did not work for me. Thank you for the replies, it's nice that the staff get to you on these types of problems this quickly.

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    @Mr_Frags could you please post us a screenshot of your settings that point to D driv etc? thanks!

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