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    Get ready to Sync, the new client – web experience featuring: 
    [list][]Web based collection and playlist management[/][]Full content control and real time status updates directly on the webpage[/][]An all new high performing and ultra-stable mini client[/][]Full mod support for GTAV and any other game you want[/][]Open sources and API support for custom launchers[/][]and more to come[/][/list]Some Background:Listening closely to your feedback about the interface of the current client and its shortcomings in regards to stability and performance, we have decided to approach the subject of mod handling and distribution from a different angle.

    By integrating the collection and content management into the web platform, we were able to build a small and high performing client that focuses solely on synchronizing the content between our network and your local PC.

    In addition we are not only able to provide all the advanced content and collection functionalities in a faster and easier to use interface, but you are now also able to fully control your collections from any pc using a standard browser.

    However we will not abandon Play witSIX. As we are gradually adding more of the PwS functionality into the new system we will still provide support and updates for the current client, giving you the choice to use the system you like best.

    Open for everyone:If you have your own launcher or you are interested to customize ours, feel free to use our API or check our code, as this project is open source. Code and documentation will be available upon final release.

    We hope you enjoy this little preview

    Stay tuned for more ;)

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