Game Not Found - All resolutions tried already

  • I noticed this is a common problem, and non of the fixes work.

    The problem started when I moved my steam folder to my (D:) drive, now all of my steam games are on my (D:) drive except Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead which I moved back to my (C:) drive, now all paths are linked, all games have been started and run in administrator but for some reason when i change the game directory to Arma 2 and the Mods and Sync to Arrowhead, it changes them all to the same. so they are all in either Arma2 or Arrowhead? the game has been undetected for this whole time.

    Please help! :'(


  • withSIX

    @Point hi, you need to configure the ARMA2 paths to ARMA2, and the ARMA2OA paths to OA.

    1. Select ARMA2 CO game,
    2. Edit ARMA2 CO game settings
    3. Configure ARMA2 subsection to arma2, and arma2oa subsction to arma2oa.

  • i have said that ive done that but when ever i change the game directory it changes the mods directory to the same and vice versa

  • I have resolved it myself, with the help of my friend.
    go on OA and expansions and select ArmA2 as a mod and restart.
    Then you need to change your arma2 combination games section like this

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