Play with six is very unresponsive

  • Hello there, my play with six has been working pretty well for the past 2 or so years. But today i guess it shit the bed? It will lock up during updates for mods and randomly crash. as well as not giving me a connection as i'm downloading? (Dow loading 4 mods at 0 B/s)

  • I also am having severe issues. It cannot connect, mods wont install or are getting hung up, I cant renew my premium membership. Not sure what is going on....

    i hope sync with six is a bit more friendly on this end of things. Anyways is this a six issue with a fix or something that has randomly and spontaneously popped up on my end.

  • withSIX

    Greetings, sad to hear about your issues, we are currently working on the release of Sync, this can cause temporary slow downs and issues on our website due to the frequent updates and publications of the web platform.

    I apologize for any inconvenience. Give me your withSIX ID and I will add one month of Premium for you for free :)

  • Thanks dude, my Six ID is   TFdagger

    by the way here is my link to log files


  • withSIX

    Thanks for the logs, since your issue seems to be related to this one, [url=] [/url]you can add your findings as a comment for further processing

  • Landen755 Is mine, thank you sir!

  • I am also to unable to download mods, or update i am getting 0bs like the others, this really needs to be fixed

  • withSIX

    We have created a support ticket and set it to critical, it should be resolved shortly. for more details go to the trello issue ticker

  • withSIX


    we have just updated the mirrors, please retry the downloads, the issue should be resolved now

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