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    @Zach server input issue resolved:

    Also a final fix for custom repo support was dispatched in the latest Sync BETA update. Live in Five!

    @EvroMalarkey  nice idea mate, love the App Mode... Do you know of any easy API without the need of an extension?
    Perhaps we can just detect Chrome and suggest the user to do it. In terms of just having the Library/etc UI; not sure.. but lets see :)
    It's a new day!

  • [color=#ff0000]A friends feedback on installing the beta: complained couldn't set custom install drive for the SwS app.

    More feedback from me: My Collection in the web UI are still showing "install" instead of "play" even though they are installed and up-to-date.
    Also there is a mod/collection in the SwS app that isn't visible in the web UI so I cannot delete it. It's a collection of 1 (with an islands name) so I don't want to delete the mod, just the collection.

    Navigation is a bit easier now with the Home, Mods and Collections list on the left.  Think I should start a new thread titled Beta feedback?[/color]

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    Thanks for your reply,

    Added a ticket for custom installation paths and discuss it with the team how to add this.

    Regarding the status on the web, we did some updates today to improve the installation status in the library showing the actual game status better. Over the next days we will continue improving the real time updates.

    The items in the Client (recent list) are just a reflection of what you did. It is a bit of an issue if the collection you played has been removed. We are considering to add a button for cleaning the recent list. I will also address the issue with removed content showing in the recent list in the next meeting.

    As always thanks for your feedback.

  • [color=#ff0000]Looking at My Library, Home my collections are correctly identified with a green "launch" bar.
    This is now also true when I am looking in my Collections. However when I click on a collection to view it, it has a blue "Install" box, and says 0 subscribers, yet I know of at least one other subscriber. When I click the blue Install, it checks all the mods, then auto-launches arma3, even though I didn't want it to.
    When I look at the content of a collection I made, all the mods show up wiht the blue "install" bar even though I already have them installed. If I click this install bar, again it auto-launches the game! (and the mod still has the blue install bar).

    When adding tags/categories to a collection you can press enter to start entering another tag, but it keeps the text in the entry box you have already typed, so it's not so convenient.

    Mods list still desperately needs a way to categorize the mods to allow easier viewing of e.g. Islands, Vehicles etc. (if you want someone to review and re-categorize mods let me know). Also a smaller thumbnail or text only view.

    Just created a new playlist using the UI with 7 mods I already have and 1 new one. Downloaded the new one then launched the mod set. SwS is taking a LONG time synchronizing, as if it doesn't have any of the mods installed? Doesn't seem to be any way to see what it's actually trying to sync.[/color]

  • One of the things I miss from PwS was the server browser, are there plans to bring in a web based server browser?

    Also I noticed in change log that you've made it so collections on the web show as launch or update instead of install, but this only works on collections I've made and not on subscribed collections that were curated by other parties during the PwS era. Is this the difference between a "Sync" collection and a legacy PwS collection? Why does this difference exist?

  • [color=#ff0000]Would be useful to see the @ folder name somewhere. A few mods don't seem to be working currently (posted in the mod request section) and I can't find the correct mod folder to see if they are present and correct to check.

    I'm also seeing duplicate mods in my library. A bunch of mods appear without pictures and show "install" as an option, but they are already present lower down the list. Some arn't duplicates but definately mods that I use regularly (e.g. @ACE) but still showing as "install" and an error when you try to install. Is this some legacy stuff from PwS that isn't compatible?[/color]

  • The startup parameters seems to save some options to the par.txt but not all, it also doesn't display the chosen parameters in the settings menu after closing via OK and re-opening.

    Can a drop down for profile names be added?

    I would still like to see startup parameter override on a per collection basis. Sometimes I want t join a certain server with certain launch parameters. This would be better than having to go into sync settings to change startup parameters every time.

  • [color=#ff0000]Found a bunch of mods I have installed that aren't present or with missing addons folders. The web UI does NOT detect these as wrong, and launches the game "with them" but the aren't loaded and there are no errors. These mods all have green launch buttons, and no way to verify them.[/color]

    [color=#ff0000]I had fed this back in the mod request thread, but realise it's a Sync withSix problem so re-pasted it here:[/color]

    [color=#ff7700][quote]Angel Island version according to the web UI is 1.2. Click the green launch button, arma3 starts with no mods. I have no @VTR_Angel mod folder but it says installed and ready to launch.
    Uninstalled from the web UI, then browsed to it again under mods, no option to install, just Launch, even though it is no longer in my library. Launching gives an error, the bar at bottom of windows has an install option however. This has now created the @vtr_Angel mod folder which now works. HOWEVER - something was broken here and with no option to "Verify collection/Mod" it didn't get picked up, just failed to load the mod with no errors!

    F16-C is version and the green launch button loads the air weapon systems dependency but not the falcon mod. Still no addons folder in @f16c_standalone.
    I've uninstalled the mod via the web-UI, then gone to re-install. Again, the mod page only says "launch" not "install". When I click to launch, it does add it to the bottom bar to be installed, but also launches the game (without the mod). I then have to quit out and click the install at the bottom of window. Not a smooth way to remove/re-add mods. Again, needs a way to verify mod without doing all these stages to fix a problem SwS isn't detecting.

    Australia I've now done the same with. Mod @ folder is missing but web UI says it's ready to launch. Uninstall, find mod to download, option to only launch, quit game, click install, works.[/quote][/color][color=#ff0000]Worried how many other of my mod folders are broken but not detectable, as I have well over 100 installed, and don't wish to re-download any with the above method. If I boot up PwS maybe that will fix them, or break things further?[/color]

    [color=#ff0000]Doing this made me realize how painful it is switching between viewing MY mods in my libray and the AVAILABLE mods online. There isn't a one click way to switch between the two view, instead it takes 3 clicks and waiting for each page to load each time.

    [/color][color=#980000]The web UI is DEFINITELY picking up mods from other locations than what I have specified as my mod folder in the SwS config. It's snowing mods from my default steam arma3 game folder, where I have mods installed/controlled by the Steam Launcher (and the dev version of the game, while I run standard build version with SwS)

    [/color][color=#ff0000]Also still really needs a way to filter the mod lists both online and by library by type, and/or have a different view so you can browse your mods easier when you have over 100 installed![/color]

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    Feedback Items @Zach

    As always, thanks for the feedback. If possible use Headers, so I can more easily distinguish the individual points of feedback without missing any. For bugs, please report them into trello, we can then work them down and attach items to them. For the color, use as dark of a color for the forum as possible, preferably black, red is quite difficult to read.

    [b]Collection download not showing subscribers[/b]
    This should have been resolved in the meantime, users who download mods are being automatically subscribed to it. We might change the wording from Download to subscribe. Not sure yet as it has some downsides

    [b]Blue install button for up to date collections [/b]
    This was a bug, it should be fixed now, when having a collection up to date it shows launch and should actually launch now when clicking

    [b]Improving Tag functions for collections[/b]
    Internal Ticket created

    [b]Mod categories[/b]
    There is already a ticket, all mods have proper tags set, they will need to be added to filter page

    [b]Improve load time for SWS content that is already installed
    [/b]this should already be the case by now, if not I will create another ticket

    [b]Showing @folder name for mods[/b]
    You can see the @ folder name when hovering over the Mod name on top of the content page header. If this should not be enough, maybe you have an idea where it should show?

    You can search by @folder name as well as by Mod name

    [b]Duplicates for mods [/b]
    Please clarify this and show images if possible can not reproduce this isse

    [b]Not detecting mods and and launching them[/b]
    This is a strange bug indeed, just to clarify, you have downloaded the mods previously from our network, they have the same @folder names as we have, they are detected as installed in Sync but do not actually launch ?

    [b]Wrong versions for mods[/b]
    Replied in the other section

    [b]Sync Re-downloading files[/b]
    The system should detect files properly and not re download them, given the @folder name is not changed. The system might check the files and we might show the wrong info, meaning we show downloading on the website while it is actually checking the files. If you feel you get this info again, please check the actual download speed and bandwidth. If it indeed does re-download, let me know.

    [b]Improving Interface for new content and Library view[/b]
    Ticket created for designer, let me know if you have any suggestions.

    [b]Taking mods from wrong mod folder [/b]
    [url=]Ticket created: [/url]

    [b]Better filter for Library[/b]
    Internal Ticket created


    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, for the bugs I have created tickets on our issue board, this makes it easier or us to handle them. Please also create bug reports as tickets instead of feedback and suggestions.

    [b]Missing Server Browser[/b]
    We actually have an almost finished server browser available on the web. We are currently considering to release it. The main issue is that since Gamespy stopped and steam took over, the info for the used mods on servers is not accurate anymore. So we can not auto detect and install the required mods.

    [u]Currently we are thinking about the following options[/u]

    1. Create a special filter for servers that are connected to collections (requires authors to connect servers to collections)
    2. Wiki like approach, user can edit servers and add mods to them. When joining server, you are asked if you want to join with the recommended mods

    If you have any other ideas how we can help connect mods with servers easily, let us know :)

    [b]Difference between PwS and Sync collections[/b]
    Both should behave the same way now. initially one could only download collections not subscribe to them on Sync but this is fixed now. Downloading a collection will auto subscribe you. Both work the same way now. As mentioned to @Zach, we might change the name download to subscribe for sync too, we are open for suggestions

    [b]Not all startup parameters are saved[/b]
    [url=]Ticket created [/url]

  • [quote=Sonsalt][b]Not detecting mods and and launching them[/b]
    This is a strange bug indeed, just to clarify, you have downloaded the mods previously from our network, they have the same @folder names as we have, they are detected as installed in Sync but do not actually launch ? [/quote]Zach's Mods issue might be similar to the issue I brought up early on, that the SwS client and website don't update to match the folder when a @mod folder is renamed or removed. Old/non-existent @mods will continue to appear in client/site as ready until they are uninstalled through the client or site.

    I agree that the new steam output for mods is too messy to reliably work with, but some of the output is certainly salvageable and can give a player an idea as to what mods they would need.

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