arma 2 CO stuff wont download, arma 3 stuff will download, PW6 gets stuck on processing... not happy

  • first problem

    Arma 2 CO addons and mods wont download and gets stuck on resolving or a pop up will appear saying check firewall and internet and so and so.
    ive tried disabling firewall and still no luck
    ive tried reinstalling PW6 and no luck
    program is run as administrator

    went to arma 3 and that will download and update just fine with no problems.

    second problemv (MOST RECENT)

    PW6 is now getting stuck on processing more than ever now. both on arma 2 and arma 3 stopping me from using the program full stop..... 
    i used to like this program back in the day where it was just simple and easy, now all i seem to get is problem after problem and really am thinking of going with the arma 3 legacy launcher instead.

  • withSIX

    [quote=tyl3r99] is now getting stuck on processing more than ever now. both on arma 2 and arma 3 stopping me from usin[/quote]Greetings,

    Sorry to hear about the issues you have, we are about to release a new download management system called sync, that should resolve your grief.

    As we are preparing the release, we are frequently updating our website and deployment system, this can cause temporary issues with the download.

    For PwS, make sure you have the most recent version. If you have used PwS since more than a year, it can help do re download the latest version from the website.

    Best regards

  • yeah when i uninstalled it i re downloaded it from the website mate.

    so would your recomendation be to just wait a bit?

  • withSIX

    Well, we aim to release the new sync system next week, but I can not promise it as this depends on QA. The latest PwS client should work as we sill fix bugs for it.

  • i just started up PWS and it downloaded 2 out of 3 mods for arma 2...

    i just dont understand it.

    look 2 are green and 1 is orange.

    arma 3 works with no issues at all.

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