Trouble renewing Premium

  • hey PW6 team. So I have an issue, I purchased premium for the month, 1 time non renewal option. It looks like the purchase went through and i recieved what looked like confirmation email. But i dont see it applied. Can this be looked into. my account is TFdagger

  • withSIX

    @tfdagger hi! according to our records you didn't complete the checkout process yet and no payment has yet been received,
     could you verify your records, and otherwise forward them to support (at) withsix (dot) com? thanks!

  • Hey Sickboy, just an update, I tried to purchase premium again. Did the paypal part of it, and it said it was confirming purchase but now it just says "checking out, please wait..." on the pws window and will not progress further. It might be holding others up from renewing so figured i would let you know.

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