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    [size=6]Welcome to Sync withSIX[/size]
    Introducing our new web based mod management platform, you are now able to try out the first public beta release of Sync withSIX.

    [size=4]Whats new?[/size]

    [b]Interactive Web design[/b]

    Download, install and launch any mod directly on the web. Get real-time feedback and status information about installed mods right where you find them.

    [b]All new Mini Client[/b]

    Build from scratch, the new Mini client called "Sync" is designed to be small, fast and reliable. Out of the way, it controls all downloads and updates, keeping your mods ready for play.


    [b]The new Playlist[/b]

    With the playlist you are now able to quickly combine any mods of your choosing and select them for a quick gaming session or save them as a fully fledged collection.


    [b]Full web-based collection management[/b]

    You are now able to not only change the looks of your collection on the web, but fully edit all aspects of your content, including Custom repository and server support.

    [b]The Library[/b]

    In order to keep track and manage all your mods and collections, you are now able use the all new web based library function. Featuring a Home section you are able to keep track of all your latest updates, previous gaming experiences and downloaded mods. It also allows you to manage all your content including removing mods and collections.


    [b]The Power behind the Visible[/b]

    Even though you cant see it, we have changed almost all aspects of the engine behind the front-end, providing you a fast and smooth browsing experience.

    [size=4]How to get Started?[/size]
    Simply browse to [url=][/url] and experience the new interface and functions yourself. Be sure to Download the new Sync Client.

    For the best experience, we strongly advise to use Chrome, but be aware, certain plugins, like NoScript and similar extensions can interfere with our platform!

    [size=4]Known issues:[/size]
    The following known issues are still existing, though we work hard to resolve them in the coming days:

    [list][]Design inconsistencies with non Chrome browsers[/][]Collection Editor design is work in progress[/][]Custom Repository content is not shown within Collection view, only indicated by a Cloud icon[/][]Local PWS Collections can not yet be imported to Sync[/][/list]

    [size=4]Whats next?[/size]
    As this is a beta release, many aspects of the interface will change in the near future. You can especially expect:

    [list][]Major improvements on the collection editing page Design[/][]Additional features for collections, like Optional mods and Load priorities[/][]Collection hosting[/][]Improvements for the Sync client[/][/list]and much much more...

    [size=4]How to give feedback?[/size]

    For ideas, suggestions hate and love, got to [url=]withSIX community[/url] and share your thoughts with Us.

    [size=4]Having issues and bugs?[/size]

    Create a ticket at our [url=]Community Issue Tracker[/url] and we will help you!

    [size=4]Final Words[/size]

    Thanks to all the testers for your patience and constructive feedback and to all volunteers, without you this would not have been possible!

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