sync with six url handler

  • how do i import repositories made with six updater into sync withsix?

    previously it was pws://

    how does it work now?

    this is honestly one of the most important features out there for bringing people to our community, as people were just cliking image banner on our website and repository was added automatically so all left was to download and start playing

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    A related issue was posted and answered here: [url=][/url]

  • Hi,

    The link doesn't seem to have the answers (at least not in a way I can easily find).

    Can you please check it and/or provide a link to the relevant answer?

    I'm trying to find how to use old PWS yml links with the new sync app, but can't find any.


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    @GalZohar hi, you would create a published (e.g Unlisted) collection with the repository attached to it, and then send users to that collection instead.

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