Early alpha of a Sync UI client

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    Hi everyone,

    This is an experimental early alpha of a UI Client for Sync, which you can use instead of using your browser.

    Download and run the [url=http://cdn2.withsix.com/software/withSIX/drop/syncUI/SyncUISetup.exe]SyncUI installer[/url] ([url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/SN.withSIX.UI/blob/master/doc/CHANGELOG.md]CHANGELOG[/url])

    [list][]Starts Sync client if it is installed but not yet running [bit rough experience still][/][]Installs and then runs Sync client if it's not installed yet [bit rough experience still][/][]Auto updates are supported! (If there are updates available, the will be downloaded and installed on startup. Next time you run, it will use the new version)[/][]We are just making this available as a preview and to get early on feedback to see if this is something that would be liked :)[/][]Source code available at [url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/SN.withSIX.UI]https://github.com/SIXNetworks/SN.withSIX.UI[/url][/][/list]
    Let us know!

  • Looking forward to that! Anyway I got some suggestions:

    • Would be good if launching sync ui would automatically launched sync itself (or exit). And the same for instalation, so the user don't have to install both one by one.
    • Since there is no UI, I think it would be nice to have simple context menu with basic stuff like going back, forword, copy etc.

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    @EvroMalarkey added support for launching Sync client if not already running, and also download and install it if it's not yet installed ;-)

    External links will from now on open in the external system browser.
    All executables are now signed with certificate.
    Added the source code at [url=https://github.com/SIXNetworks/SN.withSIX.UI]https://github.com/SIXNetworks/SN.withSIX.UI[/url]

  • You do not make the slightest idea of which direction to take, the only thing I see is a succession of unfinished products and full of bugs.
    My opinion is that they should implement a new working method and quality control, almost opposite everyone will end up looking for other more stable alternatives .. and there is!
    I apologize for saying this, but it's actually true.

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    Hi, this SyncUI client is just a means to an end.

    It's based on requests from the community to provide a client that does not require the browser so that various browser configurations, versions, vendors and plugins do not interfeir.
    If you like using your own browser, then that's perfectly fine and we even encourage it.
    The technology between the browser and the SyncUI client is all the same and shared.

    We have a single unified vision on how to proceed:
    Our UI will be all web-based technologies and you can experience it either from browser or from SyncUI.
    And the backend and technological details are all abstracted away in a very tiny and thin background application that is only there to facilitate functionality the browser can't, and to give a last means of access when you are out of internet.
    You should already find a much simpler, more stable and better performing experience compared to Play withSIX or older products, and we intend to keep it that way :)

    SyncUI is a demonstration of the flexibility of the vision we follow, and is a preview of things to come;
    we are going open-source, and provide api's for anyone to build what they need as they see fit.
    [i]We will of course provide the default experience on our website and client, but if someone wants to customize, then they can.[/i]

    As to bugs and other issues, please post them so we can take a look.
    We think the Sync client and web UI have shaped up considerably, before and after it's public beta release, and we're working hard on the next iterations.

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    Version 0.3.1 released!

    It now supports running the Sync API embedded, so that you dont have two separate programs and experiences running..

    • is now 32-bit to uncomplicate things for now
    • currently requires latest Sync Beta to be installed (we're evaluating if we will include Sync API in the future..)
    • after latest sync betais installed, close sync beta
    • If you now run the new SyncUI, while Sync is closed, it has Sync embedded, so it no longer runs the Sync.exe, nor shows the limited UI through the tray
        - If Sync is actually running then we will just plug into it remotely as we Always did :)
    • removed the menu
    • now has chromeless window :)
    • improved the tray icon menu
    • general settings now integrated into the tray icon menu (though they are not yet loaded or saved)
    • game settings now accessible from the library sections
    • api extracted to separate library: https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withsix-sync-api-js

  • I am having the most trouble with all of this. The sync setup doesn't install anything it only creates a buggy interface in my tool bar in which the popup boxes don't close! I have been messing with it all day because I need it for clan mods. The legacy one won't connect!

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    @aaronstran a fix for the legacy client has been dispatched: https://community.withsix.com/topic/79/connecting-failed
    In terms of Sync and dialog problems, could you please elaborate a bit more? 
    I think you might want to stick to the Sync Public BETA in any case :) https://community.withsix.com/topic/61/sync-public-beta

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