Can't Download collections without sync?

  • It seems that I can't install collections anymore without sync with six

    no I dont wanna download it

    but I try to download my unit's collection in and out of the client, and its not working


  • withSIX

    inside your collections you can set the client to PwS, by default it is set to Sync, but it can be changed.

    To change the client, open the editor on the Collection page and select the client to overwrite.

    We are also currently fixing the build in PwS browser to allow you to still normally download any content from the webpage, including collections to PwS.

  • I looked for a while in the settings and I can't find anything that looks like the options you described 
    step tutorial please

  • withSIX

    certainly, here is a gif that illustrates the option:


    we will create tutorials for this too. If you like to have a client experience with sync, check out this little project we are working on:


  • its still not working
    I tried to download the mod again but it said CLIENT NOT INSTALLED, and I tried that, but it was only for the pack I created

    I still need help

  • withSIX


    In order for me to understand your situation, I need some more information

    1.You are trying to subscribe to a collection using PwS or Sync?

    1. If you use Sync, what browser are you using and is the sync client running, alone or is PWS still active ?

    2. If you want to download single mods, using Sync, just make sure the client is running, to download them using PwS, open PwS go to mods and search for the content you are looking for there.

    Our system is currently most compatible with Chrome, though we do support Firefox and edge.

    If you want you can try this new project we are working on next to Sync: [url=][/url]

    It might help you if you have issues with your browser.

  • Hello,

    I am having an issue with sync and pws. My browers are not detecting the clients. is this a windows 10 issue?

  • withSIX


    this should not be a windows 10 issue, but it can be a browser issue, depending on what browser you are using. Currently we are fully supporting chrome. You can also use Firefox, if you accept the security exception.

    If you have special Firewall settings or browser extensions, they can also prevent you from communicating with the client.

    To learn more about what is going on I would need additional information, like what browser you are using and if you use ad-dons for the browser. Also if you get any error messages please share them with us too. To get more info about what is going on inside the browser you can press f12 and open the console there you will see the error messages.

    In the meantime, you can try out our SyncUI client, this one is in early alpha but is fully functional, information about this are here:


    I hope this helps, sorry for any inconvenience

    PS: Try not to use the PWS browser to interact with sync, as it is a different platform.

  • hello,

    I am running sync with chrome. I get installation failed error when clicking on the link to install when choosing a collection. i have disable my trend micro add on in chrome but still have the issue. i also tried the sync ui client but this has the same error.

    F12 on chrome I am getting failed to load resource and net: err_connection_refused.

    Hope this helps


  • withSIX

    We have released an updated beta yesterday. If that does not resolve the issue, we will take a closer look into your problem tomorrow morning.

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