Can't install collections

  • Ok, so thanks for the suggestion, it works now. Somewhat.  When I make or select to install a collection, it installs it, then it asks to install again, then it sync's, and then asks to install again.  Is there something I am missing?

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    This is a bit confusing to me, if you set your collection to work with PwS, it should say subscribe and after clicking it should say "unsubscribe" from that point you can fully handle the collection in PwS.

  • Well this is confusing to both of us.. I am using sync beta, and when I click install on the mod, it downloads, but then it states in blue on the mod after download "install".  and the mods don't show up in the game, but they do show up in documents, arma2.. what gives?

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    That is strange indeed, to look further into the issue, I would need some additional info

    1. What mod are your trying to download exactly and from where
    2. What browser are you using, what version
    3. Do you run extensions like NoScript in your browser
    4. Can you give me your client logs, they are located at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SIX Networks\Sync\logs
    5. If you can, you can also give me the content of your browser console output, accessible via F12 (needs to be open when you do the actions)

    This should give us a more clear picture of what is going on.

    In the meantime, there is this project we are working on, that aims to help users who have issues with their browsers:
    [url=]SyncUI Alpha[/url]

    It is still in an early stage, but might help you.



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