Why I´ve just paid for subscription by Paypal

  • Paid by mistake by Paypal, what withSIX will do for me now I´ve paid ? What is Client? What is Premium? I´m Premium now? Every time I open W6 give me error and ask to send report, to launch ARMA3  is 20 times slower than Steam launcher, Should I go to University to handle W6, Will Patrik answer to me now as in the past did , or he is too rich at present

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    Greetings eyraco,

    Your message is quite a bit confusing. From what I can get, you have subscribed as a premium member and your client is not working as it should?

    In order to understand your problem I would need some further information.

    1. Are you trying to launch your mods with PwS (our legacy Client) or Sync (the new platform) ?
    2. What are the steps you take to start ArmA3?
    3. What error message do you get?
      If you use PwS go to: Menu-> Settings->  Diagnostics -> Save logs and send me the logs 
      If you use Sync, go to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\SIX Networks\Sync\logs

    Also our new Sync client is designed to be much easier and faster to use than PwS,  to learn more about the platform, [url=http://withsix.com/blog/sync-public-beta]click here[/url], you can [url=http://withsix.com/download]download Sync here[/url]. (To get the premium speed with either client, make sure to login)
    The new platform is web based, so you can download, update combine and launch all mods directly from the website, just make sure the Sync Client is running.

    Regarding your last statement, withSIX is a community project, all participants work here without wages, the payments are barely enough to cover the costs for servers, licenses and maintenance. We are all doing our best to provide a great way to manage and share mods.

    Best regards


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