Change order that the mods are launched

  • Title explains all, I believe and hope that this is the fix for why my mod collection is freezing.

    I am also using the [i]legacy 'Play withSIX' client.[/i]

  • withSIX

    PwS provides the ability, though admitetly very hidden to change the load order, here is how:

    1. Open your Collection window in PwS and make sure you are in Card view
    2. Select Sort By "launch Order"
    3. Change the numbers on the left of each card that appear to your liking
    4. Done

    here is a gif how to:

    have a nice weekend :)

  • Ignore this reply, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

  • @Sonsalt @SickBoy Hello, I have another problem and instead of making another thread ill just reply to you on this one. So earlier I accidentally launched a dlc conversion addon thing with my other addons, so it started the conversion process. Now note that I already did the conversion earlier so I canceled it. Now when I go to launch any mod no matter what it attempts to convert the dlc but it fails and keeps quitting the download. Is there anyway I would just stop it from attempting to convert the dlc? Like cancel the download? I already have converted it so whats the point.

  • withSIX

    Every mod folder has a .sync folder with the details of the download. If you want to remove a mod, simply delete the entire folder, Just make sure the mod is also removed from your collection, or the collection will always start to download it again.

  • @Sonsalt Thanks for the help. Now a little off topic, but do you guys do support if the mods aren't working? In my current situation I am attempting to convert Iron Front to Arma 3 and I have followed all the correct steps, but when I launch the game (I get no errors) it freezes at the splash screen. Here is a video I made displaying my problem:

  • withSIX


    we do help authors with their mods, sign them and ensure that they are working, but actual mod development is something you best ask for in the BI Forum.

    There you will find lots of skilled mod developers who can help you much better than we can. However once you want to publish your mod, this is where we come in.

    I can see though if Kju, one of the crew behind AIA might be interested to support you, he was also working on supporting Iron Front.

    Best regards


  • @Sonsalt Thank you I would really appreciate that. If he is willing to help me tell him to add me on steam @

  • @Sonsalt Any luck so far with getting in touch with him?

  • withSIX

    Regarding the dll issue, this might be something we can help with, I also have reached out to Kju regarding development, he appears to be quite occupied with other tasks these days. I hope for that you have more luck in the BI forums

  • @Sonsalt Is there anyway I could contact him via email or skype?

  • withSIX

    you can contact him via PM on the BI forums and he is also on patreon.

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