PWS (v1.68.1220.2) doesn't install mods.

  • Hello! I really like the idea behind PWS, however currently I cannot install mods for some reason. I made a screenshot of error message I recieve while downloading mods:
    I would appreciate some help so I can enjoy Arma with PWS. Thank You!

  • withSIX

    Please let me know what mods you are trying to download, also if you could give me the client logs, so we can look into what is going of for you.

    You can find the logs in Menu>Settings>diagnostics>savelogs

    best regards


  • Thanks for answer! Right now I am trying to download both RHS: AFRF and RHS USAF, but I had no luck installing anything so far. To be specific the only mod that I managed to get installed were Community Base Addons, Mission Enhanced Little Bird and Medium Utility Helicopters (however I am not sure if those were really downloaded by PWS client, I believe those mods existed in my Addons directory from when I've downloaded them through Steam, and PWS Client simple "recongnized" them as installed). I tried deleting all my mods (including those downloaded from either Armaholic or Steam) and re- downloading them with PWS, I made sure all folders are not locked and can be overwriten etc., I made all necessary exceptions in my antivir and firewall settings, but  I still cannot install RHS: AFRF and USAF, or any other mod for that matter. I remember trying to download and install Task Force Radio, numerous maps and such- I always get the error above. Here are my logs:

    [url=]Play withSIX.log[/url]

  • withSIX

    Thanks for the logs, we will look into this tomorrow and come back to you as soon as we found something.

    In the meantime,

    • make sure your Firewall has the proper exceptions so our client can communicate, maybe you are also behind a router that has its own firewall set up.
    • Try to download the latest version from the website

    if you like, test the new Sync platform, this might work already for you.

  • Thanks! I double checked both AV and firewall, and regarding my router- I have never checked if it has any firewall activated, so far never had problems with it. Should I disable it if possible through admin panel?

    I am running lastest version, but I will uninstall my current client and download it again from the website.

    As for Sync- I already tried it and I couldn't download anything with it either, here is error I get (firewall unlocked):



  • withSIX

    Hmm, thanks for the info, there is definitely something blocking your connection. Strange though that you never had issues in the past. We will check the logs and come back to you.

  • Yep, nerver run into any conncection issues in the past. Thanks for Your help, I will be waiting for Your answer.

  • withSIX

    @FunkySamek a fix for the Sync issue should be deployed now as update.

  • Thank You! Sync starts downloading indeed. I will report back after I install any mod.
    CBA installed succesfully, gonna test some bigger mod- Task Force Radio.
    TFR installed as well. Looks like Sync works well when downloading, the only downside to it compared to PWS Client are download speeds, however AFAIK transfer speed displayed in PWS Client is not too accurate, so maybe in reality they are the same. Right now Sync displays around 400 kB/s. Downloading bigger mods is going to be a problem. Maybe You could consider the possibility to recognise installed mods so Sync/ PWS could "convert" those mods by changing files that don't match with what files on Your host are? This way we could download files from other sources quicker, Your bandwitch would also be used less offten. I am not a programmer, so maybe it's a retarded idea, but I really think an alternative to Steam Workshop is needed, and Your platform would be ideal for that if not the issues like that. I am going to download RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation, it is almost 2 GB mod, let's see how it goes.

  • withSIX

    If you have mods installed from our network and now are using Sync, we will detect and update only the files that require change. Mods that we don't host or that have a different folder name, we will obviously re download.

    To save time and bandwidth we are using delta patching technology for updates.

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