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  • Hey guys! I'm all in regarding making it more streamlined so on and so forth, but I really liked the old client. I feel that the "web-based" & mini-client takes away my sense of overview regarding mod-collections etc.. I've seen comments saying that i kinda look like it is optimized for phones with all the big symbols etc. and I totally agree. Dudes, I even have problems finding launch-parameters! Is it possible to download the old client anywhere?

  • withSIX

    Hi, you can download the old client at the withSIX.com/download page, right side, it links Play withSIX legacy client.

    In terms of the web UI we will take your feedback into consideration!

  • Thank you very much. It is very nice for the guys in my team who are not missionmakers to use the new interface.. I hope both will co-exist.

  • Hey - i'd like to chip in to support the OP here. For every standard member of the clan, the Sync with Six option is completely viable and probably preferable. But for mission makers, and clan leadership - the old Play withSix (now Legacy client) is a much better tool for managing mods in use  and such. So i really hope this client will continue to see some love and attention in the future. It is the best tool to my knowledge out there to manage addons in a very easy and simple way out there - even tho buggy and somewhat "moody" at times. So, here's for hoping that you keep it alive and nurish it further.

    Question tho - how come collections now only have the "install" option, instead of the "subscribe" option? I get its because you guys want it to be run through Sync, but why not have both, as i think many really like the legacy client. I can at least say that i like to run legacy over sync, simply because i can "copy/fork" collections i subscribe to, and add client-side visual fidelity mods and such to the lists im using.

    In short, Sync version has very few tools of management imo.

    Keep up the good work elsewise :)

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