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  • Well, strugling a bit with PW6 today.

    First i try to update to newest version (1.68.1220.2) - it continously stops at around 60% (60%, 61%, 64%, 60% - on my four attemptes to update it). I could not log in apparently either...or, more correct - i was logged in, but it keeps saying "Connecting Failed". So i finally just uninstalled it completely and downloaded the newest version from your website. I now have the up-to-date version, but it still says "Connecting Failed". Slightly frustrating as im mid-process of a mission im making and would like to continue with the work im doing, but cant now as i cant get hold of my collections - as im not "connected" as such.


  • I have the same issue, and my team members also...   

  • withSIX

    A fix for this problem has just been dispatched.
    Please see the changelog for some background: [url=http://withsix.com/changelog]http://withsix.com/changelog[/url]

  • I see you've solved my issue, and so you have - i can now log in and all my collections are available again. Thank you very much for the rapid response to the issue.

    I am however doing some maintnance and were to publish a new modlist for my members - however, even tho im logged in, when i now try to publish my modlist - the button tells me that; Action " requires connection, with a grey button that says "connect". Even tho i press this and it seems to "connect" - it still just shows the same thing, that the action " requires connection. In short, i cant publish my modlist.

    So, once again into the breach - help pretty please? :D

  • withSIX

    @Ulfgaar hi, no problem. 
    Is this an existing collection that you are trying to sync a new version of?
    Does the collection have a custom repo etc?

    In any case a new BETA release will be available in the next hour or so, probably addressing the issue.
    If the issue is confirmed fixed, we can deploy it to STABLE aswell.

    you can get PWS betas at http://withsix.com/download/start?basket=0&type=1

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