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    [size=6]How to make a suggestion[/size]
    [list=1][][b]Please use the search box in the top right to see if your suggestion was already posted[/b][/][]Post or edit a topic here with sufficient detail, to let us know about your suggestion[/][]Feel free to discuss. Once the idea is sufficiently formulated, we will escalate it to the [url=]Suggestion Trello board[/url] where you can track it's progress[/][/list]
    [size=6]Mod Requests[/size]
    Please make them at the [url=]respective game's forums[/url]

    [size=6]Guidelines[/size][list=1][]Please for each suggestion a new topic - one suggestion, one topic[/][]Think of a clear and descriptive topic name[/][]Be short and descriptive- use a bullet point list if feasible[/][]If meaningful, attach screenshots, images or videos that may help explain it[/][/list]

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