Focus on our core features, going open source and becoming 'lean'

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    We are shifting our focus more onto the core of our projects, which is the handling of content and launching games with content.
    We think especially Collections is a strong feature that distinguishes us from other platforms, as well as automated dependency management and delta patching.

    Sync and the focus on web technologies is a big step into that direction for us.
    So is going open-source! We now have [url=]all our projects on GitHub,[/url] for anyone to inspect, or even make pull-requests with proposed feature or styling changes :)

    With communication platforms like Discord and Slack on the rise, as well as a strong presence of social platforms like Facebook,
    we feel that providing such functionalities on our platform is a waste of our resources and potential, and damages the overall quality and progress of our platform.
    As such functionalities also bring higher server loads and costs, we have decided to discontinue our Play withSIX integrated Contact list and Group Chat functionality.
    In return you should find a much more stable login experience, especially useful for registered functionality like Subscribed Collections, Collection Publishing or premium features.

    We have a similar functionality available on our website, in the form of Friendslist and Private Messaging.
    We might still make some steps in the direction of communication and social, centered around our content and groups, but if, when and how that exactly looks is for now undetermined.
    We would love to hear from you if you have some ideas :)

    We hope you understand our choice and we are committed to our effort to provide a great platform for custom content.

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