Un installed, re-installed Error, Un installed and still error message

  • Hi.

    I usually have blue screen when i play arma via PW6, and it seems to be when i start up when i change a mod, it needs time to recognise it and if it doesnt it would blue screen.

    My question and problem is not this anymore.

    I had a blue screen yesterday 10/11/15 and when it started back up, PW6 couldnt go into the folder where the mods where, it was locked config folder i believe. I had then un-installed it, tried to re-install and it came with SYNC, not just the basic normal version. I installed SYNC, well tried too, and found that when i tried, it would wouldnt even start the download, and i was stuck with a message of SYNC. I had to log off to remove it, so i did, i tried once more and it gave me a error message that i couldnt start the download. So i then un-installed everything (well i thought i did) because i have used mods via STEAM. Which still gives me a blue screen sometimes, and when it does happen, and i start up either from a crash or even normal start up, a pop up box stating the issue has been sent to SYNC(PW6) and if ti continues, please contact PW6 community. So here i am....

    I need help, i cant have a pop up box appear everytime i start up, when i have un-installed everything. Which clearly hasnt happened. I also cant run arma with the fear of it crashing, can you please help?

    I would like to use PW6 again, so any help would be appreciated.


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