Extremely Frustrated!!!!

  • Every time I try to log into my premium account on the PWS client it says navigation to webpage was canceled and reroutes me to my basic client account. I can not get onto my premium account I have paid for and if it is not fixed I will be expecting a refund. It says I am logged in as c354fc9ad9f845baa74e54bd8291fdbb and for the life of me cannot get this logged out because it continues to auto log into it.

  • Im running the newest version and this is completely ridiculous. I bought premium to speed up my downloads not sit here pissed off not being able to access what I paid for.

  • withSIX


    have you tried performing logout from the Settings?

    Is this Play withSIX or Sync?

    Would you like us to close your old, non premium account? this might resolve the login issue as well.

  • I believe I have figured it out, Thank you.

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