Uploading a mission (or else)

  • Hello,
    I can't upload a mission (or anything). P6W asks me to connect first as I'm already connected!
    There is a link for FireFox users but this link fails also...

    If I try to log, I multiplicate links to Arma3 game folders, repositories and so on (without duplicating on disk).
    So, one... or many sessions on one hand, but nothing seems to be connected on the other hand.

  • withSIX

    Hi, the issue will be resolved shortly and an update dispatched.

  • No more login problem but i falied to upload a mission already in my "local game folder". Title is simple as DAGUET and this mission is already on Steam and ArmaHolic.

  • Mission upload - submit always fail for me. Pw6 is not really workable. Sending error report is not really useful...

  • withSIX

    Hi again Pierre,

    We will try to put some time into figuring out and fixing this issue, in the next days.
    If you could please post some more details on what you are trying and what the result is, possibly with some logs / error screenshots, perhaps on our issue tracker, this could help speed up the problem.


  • @Sickboy
    Hi, I'm not fond of multiplying social networks, subscribing and password. So, there is no chance to open a trelo account for that.
    I'm on Steam, PlayWith6, with6 community and that should (must) be sufficient! Really.

    I'm logging with my Steam account. I don't have Facebook or else.
    By the way, captcha is very often messing: upcase letters but you have to write in lower, error msg for the page when first bad answer then loop on captcha, PlayWith6 crash when correct answer then already logged at restart... a total mess!

    But, well, finally logged in, I have 2 profiles:

    • one global, blue icon (ever blue);
    • another one, red icon, created when i tried to personalize my profile.
      The problem is the same on both profiles.
      I click on my local game folder where my missions are. Then in a mission presentation, right click for upload. Recently, this action opens a dialog for mission name (here: DAGUET, very simple), then submit. After a minute of intense work PW6 opens a dialog for sending a report. You should have receive 4 or 5 reports from my account!
      On the other hand, if I register a file, it's encrypted. Nothing useful for me.
      I guess a problem with a weird Steam account recognition even if logged with it.

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