Support for Linux Dedicated Servers yet?

  • Hey Guys,

    Is there any CLI way to keep current with addons from Linux?

    I can't seem to find Six Updater tools anymore and your NodeJS stuff seems like it's using IPC not a native implementation?


  • withSIX

    Hi JayOne,

    Linux is something that is possible to achieve now that we have started splitting up and separating our UI from functionality and apis, and opensourcing our projects.
    I think the best we can do on the short-term is to document what steps need to be taken to achieve linux (server, CLI, non UI) support, 
    and then see if and when we can achieve it, perhaps together with support from the community.

    I think we can strap a node CLI app on top of Sync core functionality, once we make it Mono/CoreCLR compatible. This would put us on a quick road to support it.
    I will try to make some time to document this in the near future.

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