Stopped a download at 8% - now sync thinks that DL is done, and/but won't lauch ARMA 3

  • Hi.
    I donwloaded Zxile collection, stopped the download at 8% restarted my PC, then tried to restart the DL (in all ways possible) but it still won't restart the dowloading process...
    I tried uninstalling mods in and outside sync, and even reinstalled ARMA 3, but Sync hasn't understood that I don't have the files (it keeps starting my arma3.exe with less than 3Mb RAM-size.
    I have tired to fix ti a couple of days in a row (couple of tries each day)

    I need to "verify" the mod files and (of course) download them...

    I desperatly need any help you can offer - almost ragequit a couple of times

  • withSIX


    We're investigating issues where Sync thinks you have mods installed while they are not. In the meantime you could purge your Sync database.

    1. Exit Sync
    2. Delete the modfolder
    3. Delete the C:\users\{username}\appdata\local\SIX Networks\Sync  folder

    (I understand this is a nasty workaround, but should work at least for now).

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