Adding Mods to a Collection

  • [color=#999999]So I've browser some mods in the UI that I want to try out, so I add them to play list and give them a go in the editor.

    I then decide I want to add some or all of these to an existing collection. This is an EXTREMELY painful process, or I'm missing something. You have to find/guess/learn the @mod folder for each mod you want to add, then go back to your collection, edit it and type in a search string to find that mod. Want to add half a dozen mods? This is not simple! No ideas for streamlining it with the current interface setup though.

    Additional: Search seems to search for the mod folder name, not for the name of the mod so it's very hard to find mods within the search window on "add to collection".

    Playlist and browsing mods needs an "add to collection" button. When browsing a collection, it needs an "add to playlist" button.

    I'm now browsing though my 150+ mods to find the two I want to add to a collection. They could be anywhere, and then I need to remember their @folder name to then go back to my collection and search for them again to add them..

    Mod list badly badly needs a filter option by type.[/color]

  • withSIX

    Hi Zach,

    We are planning to improve the Library, adding / removing mods from collections and Collection editing in general.
    The next few weeks we're working towards the first Stable release of Sync, we have some amazing Design/Styling improvements brewing too :)

  • Please include the capability to clone a collection and then add mods to it.


  • withSIX

    @SGTGunner done! [url=][/url]

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