Why change it?

  • I recently downloaded arma again and of course the first thing i do is go to get mods and ive used Six in its various forms for years now because its by far an away the best program for getting mods, making collections of mods and launching them. So i download this Sync nonsense and everything is changed, no longer can i just run a desktop program, select the mods, download them and play.

    Now this ridiculous taskbar comes up which then forces me to load a web page which then gives me "unexpected error" whatever i click. I make a colledtion anyway and try to install and it refuses to with yet another error. I just dont understand why you would change a great, simple, easy to use and painless program for this tasbar/browser combination which is just absolutely horrific to use. I know its a beta before anyone says it so the errors is one thing but the layout regardless is horrible. Such a shame ruined hands down the best tool for Arma.

    I know you dont charge for this software and thats appreciated but i wont be using this the program while its in this setup. So disappointed. Back to downloading them one by one and running them via the standard BI launcher it is.

  • withSIX


    You can still get and use the legacy Play withSIX client, it's an option on the side of our Download page.
    As to why you have issues with Sync, do you have the FireFox browser? It should give you an option to add an exception for the security certificate, sadly this is the only way for Firefox atm.
    We are working on a unification of the client, and should have it ready for a stable release in the next weeks.
    We're also working on major (web) interface enhancements that should bring things up to spec.

    As to why and how, we've got many blog and forum posts detailing this. But the jist of it is that we wanted to create a simpler, better performing and especially more stable system.
    With access directly from your favorite web-browser, and much improved development approaches we hope to achieve this.

  • I'm using chrome and it just refuses to do anything, i can make a collection (but cant then download it) but am still bombarded with error messages. I don't see how a program and browser combination is easier than just one or the other either.

    Didn't know the legacy version was still available, im going to go and just get that back.

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